Introducing the 2 Blokes

goFooty.Live2 Blokes Chatting

Yeah, great … another podcast.

There ARE lots of carefully prepared and scripted podcasts out there providing inspirational messages and business tips … and then there’s 2 Blokes Chatting.

Neil Butler and Robert Cameron are getting ready for a big season of VFL & VFLW footy on goFooty.Live, bringing you just about every game played by the Geelong Cats during 2019. As part of our preparation each week, we figured that we’d be chatting about team selections, last week’s results (AFL, VFL, VFLW, GFL, BFL and GDFL) and the games that are coming up on the weekend. And we figured that if we were going to the trouble of discussing the local footy scene, we may as well record it and release it as a podcast.

So since it is two bloke chatting, we figured why not call it 2 Blokes Chatting!

Follow us on social media or visit our web site to find out when we get started. We’ll most likely create our first episodes in March 2019 although there is every chance that we’ll do a few practice runs during February too.

Looking forward to presenting our thoughts each week on 2 Blokes Chatting.