Meet the goFooty.Live team

Being that we are a radio commentary team, we are usually "heard but not seen".

On this page, we introduce each of the people who bring you goFooty.Live each week ... including a few who you won't hear but are still very much part of what we do.

You will also see many members of our team holding up a goFooty.Live team jumper - these are presented at the end of each season. The number indicates the sequence in which they were first heard on goFooty.Live. Our newer team members will receive their guernseys at the end of 2021.

The 2021 Commentary Team

We are thrilled to introduce you to the people behind the voices. As you can see, there is a broad range of skills and experience that blends to provide an entertaining approach to calling live football matches.

Above all else, all members of the team love their grassroots footy and relish the opportunity to present the games to our audience across Australia every week. Each member of the goFooty.Live team is a volunteer - our sponsorship support covers our broadcasting costs and our support of our Community Partner.

Please hover over their photo to reveal their name - click on the link to read about them.

Honorary and past team members

We have some additional team members to introduce you to. 

Whilst none of them will be calling with us during 2021, they have been part of the team in past seasons and/or provided great support and encouragement plus a particular skill or attribute that we couldn't broadcast without.

Honorary members receive a goFooty.Live jumper without a number. Those holding up a jumper with a number on it have been part of our on-air broadcasting team in past seasons.

Please hover over their photo to reveal their name - click on the link to read about them.