Match Replays

We know that sometimes life gets in the way and you are unable to listen to Cats matches live on goFooty.Live. Rather than missing out completely, we will be posting replays of our broadcasts on this page to allow you to listen after the event.

Simply click on the headphone icon relating to your chosen match and a media player will be displayed.

Our apologies - we are unable to supply recordings of the first two broadcasts from Round 1 and Round 2 of the VFL Season.

Round 3 VFLW
Round 8 VFL
Geelong VFLW 2.3.15 vs Collingwood VFLW 3.4.22
Geelong VFL 20.11.131 vs Coburg VFL 7.12.54
Round 7 VFL Geelong VFL 10.8.68 vs Collingwood VFL 9.7.61
Round 2 VFLW Geelong VFLW 7.2.44 vs Essendon VFLW 5.9.39
Round 1 VFLW Melbourne University VFLW 12.5.77 vs Geelong VFLW 5.3.33