Our goFooty.Live Community Partner

Every year, we nominate a community-focused group to be our goFooty.Live Community Partner - a group that we will try and promote for no other reason than they are doing something great for our community.

We were rapt to be introduced to The Geelong Cats Foundation in late 2019 and it seemed like the only sensible option for us. 

Throughout the 2020 season, we will chat to various representatives of the Foundation during our pre-match, giving our listeners the opportunity to hear about the great work they do (see below for details).

And, of course, we would love it if our listeners were able to support the Foundation financially - every little bit helps support their great community-focused programs. goFooty.Live has already committed 10% of all sponsorship and merchandise sales for this season to The Geelong Cats Foundation - maybe you can help as well!

Specifically, our financial support will be targeted towards the Foundation's involvement in the club's AFLW program.

The Club have embarked on the momentous and historical occasion of gaining an AFLW licence and fielding a women’s team, as of the 2019 season. The significance of this is great, as it now provides an opportunity for young women to aspire to play Australian Rules Football at the elite level.

The Foundation works to support our women by creating an environment consisting of specialised facilities and infrastructure, create programs and development opportunities for athletes and staff to excel on and off the field, increase participation and encourage women to take leading roles within the sporting industry.

The Geelong Cats Foundation

Our Ambition is the Philanthropic arm of the club. It provides an ongoing invitation to members, sponsors, supporters and the wider community to financially invest and support our great club. Opportunities for donating towards Our Ambition are presented under three key pillars: 

Our Past - Heritage

  • Connecting our people; recognising and respecting those who have contributed to the success of the Geelong Cats
  • Preserving and promoting our story

Our Present - Community

  • Building a healthier community by educating the youth of our region through the implementation of targeted programs
  • Game Development & Social Connectivity
  • Community Assistance

Our Future - Football

  • Elite training facilities, giving our teams the best opportunity for success
  • High performance equipment, catering for our men’s and women’s football programs
  • Coach and Football staff professional development
  • Player Development programs, ensuring our players are cared for holistically
  • Talent identification programs
  • Sport Science initiatives

For more information about The  Geelong Cats Foundation, please visit their web site.